The requisition form can be downloaded here.

To use the printing office’s requisition system you must have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. The minimum requirement is Acrobat Reader.

How to use the form

  • After opening the requisition form, please enter all relevant information for the ordering and execution of the print job.
  • If payment takes place by internal reclassification of AU funds, the lowermost field marked recipient must be completed with account number.
  • If payment takes place using non-AU funds, the non-AU administered funds field must be checked and the invoice address entered.
  • Please remember the EAN no. if you wish to use electronic invoicing.
  • Once the ordering and payment information has been entered, click on the send via email button in the top right-hand corner.
  • In the next dialogue box select email on your own computer and OK, followed by send data file in the next dialogue box. If a paper copy is required simply print a copy.
  • Then open your email programme with the completed recipient address which must not be altered. The completed requisition is attached and at this point it is also possible to attach any further print files included in the print job. Here you can also change the topic and write any additional information in the message field. You can also delete any text in the message field that is not required.
  • All orders must be placed at